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WELCOME!!! to the World of  Shanker-Jaikishen’s  memories. The duo who ruled the Music Scenario of Hindi Film Music with their debut film Barsaat for continuous 20 years like Emperors of Melody are still now most listened but less mentioned.  It is a humble effort to spread information about them, their films and music to their die hard fans. You will find rare articles, photos, stories, anecdotes about them here.



Awara Hoon from Turkey to Toronto: five versions of the classic Raj Kapoor song

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The best-known song from the 1951 film captured the imagination of people around the world.
Awara Hoon, the centrepiece of the soundtrack to the 1951 Raj Kapoor film, Awara, has found a home in the hearts of millions of fans not just on the subcontinent but in the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, China and Africa. In one of those zeitgeist moments, the melody instantly was claimed by listeners as being in some way important to their lives. Its message, at once sad and uplifting, clearly released a longing and a recognition for both the free but uncertain future of the vagabond.

At a time when Africa was still a decade away from the winds of change and the Soviet Union was slowly emerging from Stalinism, the happy-go-lucky vagabond played by Raj Kapoor seemed to sum up what it meant to be human. Or what being human should be.

Let’s take a little world tour and discover how this beautiful, iconic Mukesh-voiced song took an emerging new world by storm. Let’s start with the original.

Awara Hoon (original 1951)

Raj Kapoor does his greatest Chaplinesque tramp, loveable and cheeky. Just the sort of man your mother would love (if he didn’t pick her pocket). The lyrics were written by Shailendra. A committed leftist who thought art should be used for social progress not mere entertainment, he initially refused Kapoor’s offer to buy his poems for some of his films. But hard times (like those of the tramp) forced Shailendra to compromise and accept Kapoor’s offer. Yoked to Bombay’s first fabulous composer duo of Shanker-Jaikishan, the team found instant popular success. Awara Hoon was their greatest moment.

Awara Hoon (Istanbul Girls Orchestra)

The Turks have probably been the most enthusiastic boosters of this song outside of India. Many Turkish artists have recorded this over the decades, finding the lilting sway absolutely perfect for the innate flow of Ottoman melody. This version mixes lush orchestral strings with a small masala touch of sitar and tabla. Very lovely.

Awara Hoon (Ugur Hagan)

A very contemporary hip-hop version retains the accordion but gives the original a completely fresh relevance. The Turks do it again!

Awara Hoon (unknown buskers, Toronto)

Even far from oriental shores, in the northern climes of Canada, you cannot escape this favourite of musicians, including elderly buskers!

Awara Hoon Chinese Karoke Version

Mao Tse Tung may be long dead, but his favourite song (and film) continue to inspire and lead his people to ever new heights of cultural expression. May a thousand versions bloom! This extensive karaoke template includes some 80s’-like rock guitar and Mandarin hiccups.

Avare (Ahmet Koc)

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A more traditional Turkish rendition complete with accordion and qanoon, the traditional zither of Turkish music. This instrumental version by the famous folk musician Ahmet Koc continues to be loved by Turks all around the world.

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More snaps relating to film Pyar Hi Pyar produced by Rajaram-Satish Wagle

At the launching of film Pyar Hi Pyar Photo courtesy : Satish Wagle, Jatin Wagle

At the launching of film Pyar Hi Pyar
Photo courtesy : Satish Wagle, Jatin Wagle

Music Director Jaikishan of Shankar-Jaikishan  giving clap to the Muhurat shot of film Pyar Hi Pyar Photo courtesy : Jatin Wagle-Satish Wagle

Music Director Jaikishan of Shankar-Jaikishan giving clap to the Muhurat shot of film YAAR MERA
Photo courtesy : Jatin Wagle-Satish Wagle

A slap on Detractors of Shanker-Jaikishen

A slap on Detractors of Shanker-Jaikishen

A slap on Detractors of Shanker-Jaikishen

Vintage Tidbits – Shanker with Abdul Qadir – Spin Symphony (1987)

Courtesy : http://cineplot.com/vintage-tidbits-shanker-with-abdul-qadir-spin-symphony-1987/ 

Music director Shanker with Pakistani spin bowler - Abdul Qadir.

The late music director Shanker achieved all his goals in life. But a creative man never rests on his laurels. And if he is a professional, then he is forever looking for something new, a challenge. Among the few things Shanker had in mind was composing music on the bowling action of that magical Pakistani spin bowler, Abdul Qadir. He met the ace legspinner when he had come down to the Cricket Club of India for net practice at the start of the Pakistan tour, in early January, 1987. Qadir, who is fond of music, had heard all about Shanker. It was at the CCI that Shanker told Qadir of his desire to compose music on his opening bowling action which resembles the actions of the conductor of an orchestra. Qadir told the veteran to come down to Pakistan anytime and that could be arranged. And then, turning to me, he said -Don’t just keep clicking away at me, inki be tasweer kheenchiye.” That I readily did but I look back on it today with sadness, for the main thing remained unfinished… Shanker’s musical score on Qadir’s bowling action. Really, the one that got away… Pradeep Vijayakar – June – 1987

(Note – This picture was taken in January 1987 – and Shanker died 3 months later on April 26, 1987 at the age of 64).


Shankar Jaikishan share in Binaca Geetmala programs

SJ's share in Binaca Geetmala..... Data research and prepared by  PASHAMBAY BALOCH

SJ’s share in Binaca Geetmala…..
Data research and prepared by PASHAMBAY BALOCH


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