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Shankar-Jaikishan Fans Association (international) formed in Hyderabad



A Message from the President of SJFA


Dear SJ Fans,

The Shankar Jaikishan Fans Association was formed to bring together all SJ fans for the sole purpose of promoting and propagating SJ music for future generations to learn and enjoy. The association is based on a love for SJ music with mutual respect for one another. It was registered in Hyderabad as a formal entity and it is my honor and privilege to serve as your president.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “Music is the universal language of mankind,” and he is absolutely right, because music transcends all national barriers. It touches us emotionally where words can never do. SJ music is a fine example of that. On my travels aboad, quite frequently, I have been aproached by strangers who would come up to me and express their love of SJ music even though they couldn’t understand a word of it..! That’s how powerful their music is..!!

They say, “Good music does not have an expiration date” and it is so true with SJ music. Therefore, we need to make it available for future generations to experience and appreciate it.

The Executive Committee has chalked out the following goals and objectives to be met during our three year term:

1. Create a website, primarily, for sharing material related to SJ and their music as well as pertinent information regarding the association and it’s activities. (Soon to be launched).

2. Prepare a data base for the membership. (In the works).

3. Conduct monthly internet-radio programs. The first one was held on April 26, 2014 and another on May 31, 2014. (Goal met).

4. Help facilitate the creation of satellite associations in cities with a higher concentration of SJ fans. A satellite association is being formed in Visakhapatnam. (Goal met).

5. Monthly electronic newsletter. (In the works).

6. Provide scholarships to music students. (Exploring).

7. Organize concerts using local talent performing SJ music. (In the works). 

8. Conduct music contests featuring SJ music. (On the agenda).

With careful thinking, the Executive Committee felt it necessary to establish an annual membership fee of Rs. 500 to be used for the above mentioned purposes.

We seek your continued support since we are not in this alone and together, we will strive to accomplish our mission. So, dear buddies, please reach out for your check books and write that check (or you could transfer funds electronically) to support our activities in order to preserve the legacy of our music idols..! The bank account information for your membership dues payment is given below.

Thank you, Lakshmi Kanta Tummala President


Name of Bank: Andhra Bank             Branch: Saifabad, Hyderabad-500063 

    A/C No: 053311100001112       IFSC Code: ANDB00005333

     MICR Code: 500011040                Phone: 040-23421127/36

                   Fax: 040-23421133

Please inform our Treasurer, Sri. Dharma Kirthi either in his inbox, by a text message or Whatsapp, whenever you make a payment. This will enable him with easy book keeping. His contact information is as follows: 

Mobile: 9502616677 (please text him before calling the first time)