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Deciphering Pyar Hua Ekrar hua: An indepth review

 Courtesy : 

Shri Amit Vaidya, famous accordionist & writer of this feature

M0 Part -1
The song starts with a unusual tone of Violins.I don’t know how this must have been done.Tone depicts that the storm is coming but its not still come. It also depicts the emotional drama that both the minds (Raj and Nargis) are going through.While they know that they have fallen in love they have still not expressed that through words. you can actually feel it through facial expressions and the violin melody. Watch Nargis very closely. Her face talks several dialoguesYou don’t need words to express

M0 Part 2
Raj stops her from leaving. She goes backwards. the tonal colour of Violins changes. They are now mellow since the point has been made and story follows.Watch the last bit just before the lightening. Nargis tries to hide her face, listen to the music.

M0 Part 3
The storm then. This actually is the reprsentation of storm in the mind of this duo. Nargis is confused. Not sure, but she is definitely gettiing attracted. Raj is firm.

M0 Part4
It starts raining. This means the storm is over and the emotions have started flowing out
of the stormy mind. This is depicted by the rain and the violin piece followed by Accordion and then Mendolin piece which starte immediately.Raj tries to offer the umbrella- as if this actually represents a solid future. He wants to say- I am there and I will take care in stormy whether..don’t you worry darling!
Watch the facial expression of Nargis at this point..Nargis is holding the umbrella and Raj tries to go close. This depicts that both want to be together as a family..!!
Stanza -1 – The song starts
Raj expresses in words what has been going through his mind.Listen the the contra melody in the sign line This is fantastic.
Then Latji’s voice speaks / sings! If you see the words these actually depict the state of mind Nargis is going through this was depicted much earlier actually through marvellous use of music and expression (ReferM0-P1/2/3)
Please also note the change in the rythm when Lataji is singing. Its a slower rythm, to depict that Nargis is cautious on her approach and more matured towards life. Raj is bubbly and sounds more reactive and hence faster rythm.Towards the end of the first stanza there is a unique element in the set..thats the chaiwala..who is drinking tea from a saucer. RK was such a genious!..when you look at him, the immediate thing that happens is you get the taste of that what we call as “Amrututulay chaha” in your mouth. A simple but very effective way to transport the people in to the scene.RK has kept the camera on the chaiwala for quite some will observe that he is very happy drinking the tea and at the same time he is like a cuddly fatherly figure who is very happy to see this couple..probably he has a daughter or a son of his own of there age in a village in UP or Bihar…all these thoughts would cross ones mind in few seconds!!

listen to the Violins. The visuals show the rain in a tubelight on the road.
Stanza -2
The words are fantastic..not a single word is a waste they have a deep meaning.Listen to the contra melody- a work of Art seen never before by Sebastian.Listen to the soft Violins at the end of “Pyar jo toota”…”Saath jo toota”

Watch the picturisation at the end of stanza two- which says “Mein Na rahoongi”..Tum na rahoge..Phir bhi rahegi nishaniyaan..
Please note that in the movie they have shown Raj as a poor awara chap..Nargis also hailing from a poor family..but these three children are wearing rain coats..I feel this is also an expression coming out of the duo..they are optimistic about the future and they are clear that they will have a great family together and will be able to provide very nicely for there next generation!!!

 Enjoy the rest…it gets better and better as we go..