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Adieu Shammi Kapoor

Adieu Shammi Kapoor

Hoshiaar….Hoshiaar…….thundered Rafi, as he went to the lower notes of Jaanewale zara hoshiar….  regaling, as he rejoiced, in the mighty resonance of his voice, as his previously sung number from Junglee, with a more dominant full throated resonance Yaahoo……….prompted by Prayagraj, that electrified the entire valley of Kashmir as it did to the ears of the spellbound viewers in the auditorium.
Those were the days of the “Musical Mozart’s” peak with innovative numbers, as the hyperactive  star, who had in him, the masculine handsomenes of the hero,atonce rebellious and comical, suave, the knight in a shining armour,who could make love to  damsels just with his deep blue eyes as it lingered long, enough to be  etched into a lasting memory.
The young lot of those times identified themselves with him as his
“Lal chadi maidan khadi…..” a la  “Khuli palak me jhootha gussa  bandh palak me pyar…..” became the teasers and the connossiers delight alike.
as did “Aawaaz deke hume tum bulao…….”.”.Raat ke hamsafar….. ” both the loveliest among duets by Lata and Asha with Rafi,as Lata confesses, doting mesmerisingly on the former number, whenever she hears it.The stoic stance of Shammi while enacting this number, as also his emoting “Main gaaon tum so jaao...the slower version, were in total contrast, to his usual boisterous self and are memorable milestones, in the careergraph of this plucky actor.
Rarely has one compounded the stoic mannerisms of Dilip ,the comical mannerisms of  Raj and the flambuoyance of Dev in a more comprehensive mode and yet uniquely evolve, into the typically,characteristic,musical dancing, Shammi Kapoor,  whom so many left aping, never ever succesfully
His obsession for emoting romantic numbers he recalls, in one of his anecdotes, led him to a fierece fight.with Jaikishan, as he wanted the “Teri pyari pyari surat.ko….” for himself as Jai did not relent. He however regretted the only time he fought over a song with Jaikishan, who was otherwise the one, the producers ran to, the moment Shammi was signed for a film.
He was branded as the Elvis Presley of Hindi films  which was put by Aamir Khan in a more realistic and touching way as Shammi’s numbers presented by Elvis Presley’s which touched the actor.
A chance gramophone he bargained for, in lieu of the promised kiss, by Nargis to him, if she would get booked for Awara, and an additional twenty records as bonus, gifted by her, did not, in his wildest of imagination, dreamt that he was  embarking on a musical tryst of cereergraph for a lifetime. A sereis of 19 flops followed, Undaunted and nervous, he flung himself headlong into Nasir Hussain’s “Tum Sa Nahi Dekha…”(new heroine Ameeta)  and when he surfaced, a silver jubilee followed, with “Dil Deke Dekho” (new heroine Asha Parekh) and then “Junglee” (new heroine Saira Banu)..
 Among His other big blockbusters apart from the ones  by Shankar Jaikishan,
were  Kashmir ki Kali (OPNayyar) China Town and Pyar Kiya Tho Darna Kya” (Ravi) “and “Teesri Manzil”(RDBurman).”Bluff Master” &”Preet Na Jaane Reet” (Kalyanji Anandji)
He was his usual boisterous self, regaling  all those around him with anecdotes of his prime days and notable among them,when querried on his musical dance sense,rhythm and success, he replied toungue in cheek “Of Course but I am nothing without OPNayyar and Shankar Jaikishan”.
May God bless his soul and rest in peace, ao that refreshsed, and rejuvenated Yahoo surfaces, for us to enliven, ourselves once again, with the kind of joy permeated.
kind rgds

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  1. Vinayak Says:
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    Nice review and great info.! I actually believed that the ‘Fate Machine’ guy (even if that’s nor listed at IMDB) is Ismail Merchant. He looks like him.

  2. Sudarshan Pandey Says:
    August 27, 2009 at 7:51 pm | Reply   edit

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    Dear Vinayak ji,

    Thanks for visitinig the blog. Your query is forwarded to the author of the review. After getting his reply, I will inform you .

    sudarshan pandey/kolkata

  3. sunilperera Says:
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    Incomparable Padmashri ShankerJaikishan created melodies to awake dead people from the graves. when you hear the music, it goes inside the bones and mix with the marabone

SJ like the Mahatma Gandhi does not need any one to recognize them wrote   in his comment on this blog

“God wanted to enjoy music so he called back Shanker Jaikishan , Shailendra and Hasrat . Raj Kapoor without SJ could never have given hits . When I watch the old movies with songs by SJ , it feels like I am having the finest wine in a tin pot . The music is mystical and ethereal in its own . SJ like the Mahatma Gandhi does not need any one to recognize them , they are there and will be there for ever not because of some one but because of who they were and what they gave to the world of music . Like God does not needs to be worshiped , people worship because they need him , so is the case of SJ . They do not need recognition we need to . I am saddened that the TV channels of today recall other music directors but never this divine duo . The lose is theirs . SJ will be remembered when ever any of their song is played any where any time . God must be very Happy to have them with him . I envy God . I am not a fan of SJ , I am a worshiper , for the divine can only be worshiped . I have grown up listening to their music and live listening to it .”