Download / listen Audio/Videos of Shankar-Jaikishan Albums

Listen online or download audios of particular album uploaded by Shri Devendra Shastry, one of the die hard SJ fans   and videos uploaded on  by ardent SJ fan.

IN CASE OF ANY BROKEN LINK, immediately inform us so that we can do the needful.

Thanks & Regards

Shankar (left)- Jaikishan (right) after receiv...
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Now here is the link for Awara

11 thoughts on “Download / listen Audio/Videos of Shankar-Jaikishan Albums

      1. OH i c this page does not have any link…….so there is no question of any broken link……….
        please visit other page titled ‘Audio link of film Chhoti Bahan’..and you will get that…..


  1. I am fan of The Great Shankar Jaikishan since my childhood, I strongly believe that, “No one was, is and will be able to do like The Great Shankar Jaikishan did”


  2. Shankar Jaikishen are all time great in terms ofquantity and quality of melodious, classical,hits songs.they were superb in composing tragedi songs particularly with Lata
    No other music director has such distinction until now.


  3. Please do not entertain or publish any negative on SJ …we as SJ fans know their contribution to the Hindi music and world music at large…SJ fans are all over the world and their music are part of our day to day life. Never a day has gone without hearing SJ songs…it pains me greatly when some people try to twist incidences of the past.



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