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Suresh Sarvaiya

💐 Shankar Jaikishan & Kishore Kumar 🎂
Shankar-Jaikishen (SJ): The music director duo who revolutionized the very definition of Hindi film music with their path-breaking music and tunes… Compiled by Suresh Sarvaiya

Kishore Kumar: The genius actor-singer who created his own path and carved a place in the Hindi film music scene which people cannot even dream of achieving…

The association of Shankar Jaikishan with Kishore Kumar has various interesting aspects. Shankar Jaikishan (S-J), who rarely used Kishore. Trivia has it that Kishore Kumar was not the original choice for lead & that some songs had already been recorded when he joined the cast of movie Shararat (1959). Though Kishore had already sung numbers like ‘Dukhi man mere
sun mera kahena….’ for sad occasions, the second antara of this song makes you feel that it needed Rafi’s high-pitch.

Surprisingly no song in the first 8 years of mutual co-existance in the music kingdom of SJ, 18 songs in the next 13 years of association and then, 87 songs in last 17 years. Another intriguing part is, for the first 13 years, SJ were the uncrowned king of Hindi film music and Kishore Kumar a non-considerate in playback singing and in the next 17 years, well, almost vice versa. “Almost” is because Jaikishen – the more prominent of the duo, died in 1971, and upto 1986, Shankar single handedly kept the S-J flag flying. As the musical parallelism goes, many still believe, it was Jaikishen with whom the camaraderie of Kishore would have blended better- and the proof was there with “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana”, the chartbuster Jaikishen had made with Kishore just months after the former passed away. But the fact is, out of 105 songs Kishore recorded under SJ baton, almost 70 songs came for Shankar only, owing to Jaikishen’s early demise.

After departure of Jsikishan, it started gradual decline of Shankar amongst mainstream cinema. After giving music to almost 350 movies, the exhaustion showed With no Jaikishen, Shankar tried to put his foothold intact with occasional hits in Resham Ki Dori (1974), Sanyasi (1975) and Do Jhoot (1975). Many of Shankar’s hits that time came with Kishore like “Chhatri na khol” (Do Jhoot), “Mere dil mein tu hi tu hai” (International Crook), “Chamka paseena” (Resham ki Dori) and “Tu jahan main wahan”(Garm khoon). Both Shankar and Kishore demised in 1987. While one was given a superstar farewell, the other went away quietly.

Interestingly they even made their debut around the same time – Shankar
Jaikishen’s debut film as independent music directors was R K Films’ Barsaat which released in 1949 & Kishore Kumar’s debut film as an actor and a playback singer (sang for Dev Anand) was Ziddi which released in 1948…

But, the fact remains that Shankar Jaikishen were amongst the greatest music directors in Indian Cinema and Kishore Kumar was one of the greatest playback singers. Although their peak periods don’t match, in spite of being contemporaries, they did give us some brilliant output together.

New Delhi, Krorepati, Begunaah, Rangoli and Shararat are the five films for which Shankar-Jaikishen worked with Kishore Kumar where he acted and sang his own songs and what beautiful music they created by this combination.

Here are some gems by SJ & Kishore Da (list may be vary with individual choice) –
* Nakhrewali….. – New Delhi (1956)
* Chhotisi yeh duniya – Rangoli (1962)
* Rangoli sajaao – Rangoli (1962)
* Munne ki amma yeh to bata…’ – Tum 
Haseen Main Jawaan (1968)
* Humlog hai aise deewane – Umang (1970)
* Geet gata hoon main – Lal Patthar (1971)
* Jaane anjaane log mile – Jaane Anjaane 
* Bhanwre ki gunjan – Kal aaj aur kal (1971)
* Zindagi ek safar hai – Andaaz (1971)
* Saath mein pyara saathi – Dil Daulat 
Duniya (1972)
* Kehta hai dil o mere – Chorni (1980)
Compiled by Suresh Sarvaiya

Shanker Jaikishen’s Songs with background explanation & stories

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Lakshmi Kanta Tummala

Dear friends,
I am happy to announce a special music event organized by our very ownHarishchandra Patil. For all those who don’t know him, Harish is a movie lover who has a deep knowledge of it. He will be glad to hold these informal events at members’ requests if a venue is provided.

Following is his take on some of SJ’s greatest songs:

Shankar Jaikishan 18th October 2015

1. Barsaat mein humse mile– Raj Kapoor first film with SJ was a great success and top grosser in 1949.
Raj heard on the sets of Andaz about the great young talent of Lata and Sent Jaikishan to her house. She came to Raj and agreed to sing for his films and explained even Raj Kapoor’s office boys are so handsome. ( Jaikishan)
the team of Raj was then formed with Shankar, Jaikishan, Hasrat, Shailendra and Dattaram
Later in 1952. Sebastian joined SJ team. Alos Goody Seervai as piano accordionist.
Waves of Danube by Romanian composer of 1880. Ivanovici , A Anniversary waltz
Ram Ganguly was the MD before SJ and had recorded couple of songs too. But Raj Removed him on the pretext of using the same tune for another film. He then gave free hand to SJ
Song composed on Raga Bhairavi.

2. Ghar Aya Mera Pardesi– Awara- This film truly launched SJ and RK in the international scene. Countries like Russia, China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Egypt Libya Jordan etc went crazy over these songs.
Great Dream sequence. probably drew inspiration from 1927 film Metropolis by Fritz Lang.
Demon taken from Silvester Dali’s bizarre drawing in Alfred hitchcock’s “spellbound” 1945.
KN Singh ( his foster father) is portrayed here as Demon from whom Raj is trying to escape.
Refer- Lala Gangawane story after this on Dholak’. Reference to suggester, Sumant Raj.
Refer- Mandolin of David as the start of Ghar Aya mera pardesi with rows of musicians supporting David with cowbells.
Raga Bhairavi.

3 Unse Pyar ho gaya– Badal-Producer Bhagwandas Verma became regular with SJ as Verma Production. Director Amiya Chakravarty of Jwar Bhata, Daag, Patita,Seema, Kathputli etc.
All songs were a great hit. This film was based on Exploits of Robin Hood.
Ebullient Madhubala dance sequence.
4. O Madhur Milan Hai Sajana– Kali ghata- Producer, actor and Director Kishore Sahu’s film.
Debutant Bina Rai and Asha Mathur who later became Mohan Saigal’s wife.
Rafi and Lata score.
5. Tune haay mere Zakhme jigar– Nagina- Nutan and Nasir Khan starrer.Dalsukh Pancholi’s film. one of the noted feature is SJ did not have chance to record KL Saigal as he has passed away in 1946. but SJ recorded three beautiful songs of C H Atma who singing was styled on Saigal.
Tune haye mere was very popular song but Nutan could not watch it as she was under age eighteen and the filmed was certified as adult film due to some scary scenes in the movie.

6.Koi Nahi Mera- Daag- Again Amiya Chakravarty direction film. SJ First film with Dilip Kumar.Talat;s mellifluous singing under SJ truly accentuated Dilip performance of an alcoholic, which won him filmfare award.

7.Hay mera dil– Parbat- Premnath and Nutan starrer film which did not do well at box office but all the songs won the hearts music lovers.

8. O Bhole balma O more Sajna- Poonam- Ashok Kumar- Kamini Kaushal starrer.
See how Lata’s voice was used as instrument by SJ–after the words Ghunghru baje Cham Cham. Lata Literally fainted after the recording of this songs at HMV studio due overwhelming emotions.

9. Sunte te naam hum- Aah- Vijayalaxmi- A very beautiful number of Lata with great piano accordion by Goody Seervai. Vijayalaxmi the enchantress, Raj Kapoor looking so passionately and desirously at her which he was not looking at Nargis also.
Some people say that “ Come September” song was taken from this tune.
Dubbed tamil also.See backup files.
This songs is also in Raga bhairavi.

10. Naino se nain hue char– Aurat- Again a bhagwandas Verma film- A super Box office hit firm.
Starring Premnath and Bina Rai / This song is filmed on Beautiful actress Purnima who married bhagwandas verma.Purnima’s father was Tamil brahmin but Purnima’s mother was from North Indian Muslim family. Played supporting role in many films.
Aunt of Mahesh Bhatt and grand mother on Imran Hashmi.Very Good Flute and great Accordion Play in this song.

11. Hain Sabse Madhur woh Geet – Patita- “ Our sweetest songs are those which tell our saddest thoughts”. Shelly’s famous words which are aptly reflected by Shailendra in this song.
All songs from This film became very famous and especially “ Kisi ne apna banake mujhko” was so sweetly sung by Lata that Shankar gave her hundred rupee note after the recording.
Excellent rendition by Talat Mehmood.

12. Aa neele Gagan tale pyar hum karen– Badshah- Lata and Hemant Kumar- This song is an astoundingly pleasant expression of Raga Bhimpalasi. Such A lover’s song that it creates goosebumps for the listeners/ viewer even today.This songs has very subtle interplays of violin and accordion.

13. Mohabbat ki dastan – Mayur Pankh- Again a Kishore Sahu Production. Though Sumitra Devi was a heroin in this film, Asha Mathur acted as Mumtaj for this song.
Helen made a debut in this film along with Cuckoo. Post 1961 film Junglee, SJ increased male singers in their films otherwise earlier films were female dominated songs. for example each of nine nine songs in Aurat and Poonam were sung by lata.
again Raag Bhairavi ruled in the film as music saved this film from flop.

14. Tu Pyar ka sagar hai-÷ Seema- even the sternest critics applauded Nutan’s role in this film as career best performance.This won a filmfare award. Ustad Ali Akbar khan played Sarod for this film. He did so only after ensuring that Shankar himself is quite adept at playing Sarod.
The introduction of Sarod in the song “ Suno chhoti si gudiya ki” was Shankar’s brain child.
The song is in Raga Darbari Kanada and the use of Church Organ.

15. Ramaiya Vastavaiya– The 1953 film “ Aah” had flopped at box office and Raj Kapoor sensed it the the film’s Delhi premier. He was immediately looking for hit film. He then drove to the house of K.A.Abbas for good script.
when KA returned to Bombay, Raj got a fabulous script.Raj bought the script at a price which wiped of all the debts is KA.
As soon as Raj got the script , he summoned his entire team to RK Studio and shared with all. In that night the format of all the nine songs of the film were finalized.
This song has Rafi, Lata and Mukesh comes in the third antara.

16. Ketaki Gulab juhi– Basant bahar- SJ hit a goldmine of their career with Basant Bahar. This Bharat Bhushan’s own production. The music of this filmed surpassed even the other musicals like Baiju Bawara, Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje, Tansen etc in their popularity and critique acclaim.
A serious Raga like “ Des” was Presented very sweetly in one of the great duet “ Nain mile chain kahan” The song “ Ketaki “ was a jugalbandi .with Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi & Manna Dey. This was in Raag Basant Bahar. Manna dey was so overwhelmed by this duet that he took special training under Ustad Rahman Khan for this song. Incidentally this film had excellent rendition by Pannalal Ghosh on flute is various songs.

17. Aaja Sanam– Chori Chori- The year 1956 was one of the best tears for SJ, with the variety and quality of their musical composition in seven films. Raj and Nargis won their first filmfare award for this film. This songs has exhilarating use of accordion pieces.
AVM boss learning that this song is sung by Lata and Manna in the recording studio, he wanted to cancel the recording of the cong as he wanted Mukesh and Lata to sing the song. Raj intervened and the song was recorded, and the AVM boss apologized.

18. Nakhrewali– New Delhi- Mohan Saigal’s film appealing for national integration.
First time SJ were with Kishore Kumar. Songs dominated by Lata and Kishore were hit. Especially this song with great use of trumpet and Tap Dance Rhythm. The song “ Murli Bairan Bhayi” was created by Jaikishan after hearing his sister Maniben humming a particular tune.
A beautiful song “ Koi mere sapno “ was deleted from film as actress jabeen jalil could not match dance steps with Vaijayantimala.

19. Kabhi to aa –Patrani- Another classical music film starring Pradeep Kumar and V’ Mala.
again all female songs. with song sung by Mangeshkar sisters Lata, Meena, Usha.
This film had songs based on kathak dance and shankar was himself very adept at this dance type, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan also played Sarod in this movie for song “ Chandrama kyun mad bhare badal mein” . reminds of “ mere naina sawan bhadon of after years. Raga Kirwani.
This song is in Raga Bhairavi.

20. Aaye bahar ban ke– Rajhat- The only song sung by Mohammad Rafi in this film.
Sohrab modi film production with beautiful Madhubala’s sterling performance.
This song is based on Raga, Bageshree.

21. Aye pyase dil Bezuban– Begunah- This songs can easily be termed a greatest song of Mukesh. This was picturised on Jaikishan himself. Kishore Kumar and Shakila were main leads in this film.
Filmed copied from “ Knock of the Woods” a Danny Kaye Starrer film.
There a big demand for the copy of the film and at least video songs
Songs based on Raga Bhairavi with Shuddha Rishabh as variation.

22. Manzil wohi hai pyar ki– Kathputli- Singer Subir Sen had a voice similar to Hemant Kumar. A very young Subir Sen used to go around to various music directors in 50’s for opportunity to sing. However he was given this break by SJ. He was just 14 years of age at that time.
Director of the film, Amiya Chakravarty died of heart attack during the making of this songs. Director Nitin Bose then took over and completed the song and the rest of the movie.
Great Piano and accordion performances in this songs..
Raga Kirwani.

23. Ye mera diwanapan hai– Yahudi- Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari and Sohrab Modi starred film based on drama “ Yahudi ki Ladki”. It is said that While resting on his bed, Shankar got this tune and immediately Shailendra wrote the lyrics for him. Initially nobody thought Mukesh for this song. Mukesh was on the backseat those days due to failure in film production. He was very much in need of work. When Talat came to know about this, he insisted that Mukesh should be given opportunity to sing this song.Even Dilip Kumar had to be convinced that instead of Talat , mukesh should get this song

24. Dil Ki Nazar se. – Anari- 1959- A very soulful duet of Lata and Mukesh. There were many first for this movie. filmfare awards for best singer- Mukesh, best Actor – Raj- Best MD- SJ and Best Lyricist- shailendra ( incidentally filmfare award started for lyricist from this year).
This was also Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s first film as director.

25. Kahe jhoom jhoom raat yeh suhani– Love Marriage- Subodh Mukherjee production. After the success of Munimji and Paying guest, Subodh considered Dev Anand as lucky for his his films.
It is in the grapevines that OP success in fifties was based upon very highly westernized and peppy tunes that took him amongst top composers.
But SJ composed a tune sung by Rafi and written by Shailendra as,
tin kanastar, peet peet kar gala fad kar chillana” with following lines

“Idhar se lekar udhar jama kar, kab tak am chalaoge”

This song for today is again on Raga Bhairavi

26. Hum matwale naujawan– Shararat- While Kishore kumar sang four songs on this film, two songs were sung by Rafi for Kishore the actor. this was also due to Kishore had lot of trouble due to income tax authorities and producers and MDs were not sure if Kishor will appear for the recording of the song..

27.Matwali Naar thumak– Ek Phool Char Kante- Great dance by Waheeda Rehman- A prelude of music and dance 2.14 minutes till mukesh chips in with voice.

28. Hai aag hamare seene mein– songs sung by Lata, Geeta, Manna Dey, Mukesh and Mahendra Kapoor. This was a third song Pran sang a villain in the film.1. Jise Dhoondti hai meri nazar in 1950 film, Sheesh Mahal, then 1955 Munimji with Dil ki umange hain jawan.
Initially SJ were not ready to do this film as the story was based on dacoits of Chambal. But Raj made sure that this was a great musical. in this film. SJ used some of the earlier background tunes. for eg. background score of the climax scene of Awara was brilliantly used in “ O basanti pawan paagal” with Raga basant Mukhari”

29. Tera mera pyar amar– Musical Romance of Sadhana and Dev anand. excellent cinematography of the songs as well beautiful Sadhana. Lata,Shailendra, SJ and Hrishikesh Mukherjee combine. Excellent Accordion pieces in the interlude
Watch Sadhana at .33 to 036. she make one speechless with her beauty.

30. Yaad na jaye beete dino ki– Dil ek Mandir.
Director shreedhar completed the whole film in 21 days. and SJ responded with the challenge of completing the all the eight songs in less than a week. Great use of church organ and the song is based on raga Kirwani.

31. O mere sanam o mere sanam- Sangam– The great duet by Lata and Mukesh
Jo Beet Gaya Ek Sapna Tha , Yeh Dharti Hai Insaano Ki , Kuch aur nahin insaan hai hum , ik dil ke do armaan hai hum ….O mere sanam .. a supreme act of asking for forgiveness and showing the frailty of our human nature – we all make mistakes in love and life ..- so brilliantly written by Shailendra smile emoticon and so sublimely acted by Vyjayanthimala with such passion and sadness at the same time.

32. Mein piya teri tu mane ya na mane–Basant Bahar- Finally a classic Bhairavi
Lata sings and on flute is Pannalal Ghosh. It appears that both sing together is the magic of this Bhairavi.
the combo of Pt.Pannalal Ghosh, Ustad Allah Rakha on tabla and Shri Nikhil Banerjee on sitar

Thank you,

Harishchandra Patil