Nobody has even come within miles of Shanker…



Dinesh Shankar Shailendra

Shankar Singh

Jaikishan, Shailendra & Shankar

(15 October 1922 – 26 April 1987)

I know, I am a day late in posting for this great man, but, in 1987, we also got the news a day later…

As I was growing up, I developed an interest in palmistry for a brief period of my life… It was a known ‘fact’ in Palmistry, that if one had long, slender fingers with shapely nails, one was creative and artistic… When I looked at my own hands, I saw that I fit the description to perfection ! 
When people complimented me on my fingers, I would blush …. ( With my skin colour, I turn maroon when I blush )

One day, I don’t really remember why, but I was at Famous Mahalaxmi Studios and went into Shanker Jaikishen’s music room… He was talking about his memories of my father and he had his harmonium in front of him… Suddenly, he started playing the introduction music of this song from ‘Barsaat’ and played the whole song, humming along…


Then I noticed his fingers… short, stubby fingers !

In all these years, so many Music Directors have come and gone…

Nobody has even come within miles of Shanker…


P.S. I stopped believing in Palmistry … 😀


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