Rajan Narayan


Shankar Jaikishan who have literally no formal education in Indian or Western Classical music, ended up becoming the most prolific users of many musical Western musical instruments which widened their repertoire of orchestra and synergy of sounds a great fusion of Western and Indian music which was the biggest innovation for Indian listeners, mostly the lowest common listener in the deepest location of India.

They may not be the first composers to introduce many innovations, but they were definitely the most popular innovators which was appreciated by the common listener and viewer, who was their biggest target audience.

Here is a great song by Talat who was till then known as a Gazal singer and one who excelled in pathos numbers, singing an fast number full of sentimental pain, but with loads of energy..and accordion was used so prominently in this song..

This was sustainable innovation..which made them better than the best..

Hope you like it..