Shankar Jaikishan were rediscovering and re-engineering their style and trend.

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Main Sundar Hun!

This movie was a big hit in 1971, for its music and the rising market value of Mehmood as an actor who sells. Said to be a remake of a Tamil Hit by Tamil comedian Nagesh, this movie did very well with Mehmood in lead.

As an actor Mehood was a veteran in movies, and had played all shades in his nearly 15-16 years of career till then. In CID he plays a negative character, in Chote Nawab an innocent nawab, in Beti Bete and Choti Behan he plays very important characters sharing equal and sometimes greater footage than the lead actor.

Mehmood kept growing from strength to strength with whatever opportunity he got or he created for himself. His synergy with producers and directors from South has been great from Choti Behan days. He was a scene stealer and many a leading stars were apprehensive to share screen space with him.

This movie showcases Mehmood in all possible shades from a poor buck teethed waiter to a super star in cinema.
As a Shankar Jaikishan fan, this movie was a great hit in a year which had 17 releases for this composer duo. 1969 became a watershed year in HFM, with the unprecedented success of Aradhana and Do Raste when the first Super Star of Hindi cinema hit the skies, and two composers Sachin Deb Burman and Lakshmikant Pyarelal suddenly appeared to be rising on the horizon.

All the previous stars were fading into insignificance and with them an era was coming to an end. Shankar Jaikishan were rediscovering and re-engineering their style and trend. Main Sundar Hun was one such movie which was a clear shift and direction. Anand Bakshi had written all the songs for this movie, as he was the new star of lyricists on the horizon with no one to match at that level.

The old lyricists were going strong, but it was like Sachin Tendulkar making his entry and stealing the thunder right under nose of all veterans present in the team. Jaikishan who is seen in this movie , in the recording studios had read the writing on the wall and forged this alliance. Jaikshan who was in his 40s had a lot more to contribute to the industry with his maturing as a composer, and his congenital mastery over learning new things in a jiffy.

Shankar Jaikishan were ready to rewrite a new chapter in the films, as they had some fabulous hits which included the Binaca Chart buster from Andaaz..


Main Sundar hun is a movie of those times when major changes were happening and were in store to happen..
It will remain as a movie when one saw Jaikishan for the last time..

I am posting a song which ranked 9th in Binaca Geetmala !

Movie: Main Sundar Hoon


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