Shankerji (Jaikishen ji) had the full ocean of music

Written by :

Singer Sharda

Come rain come shine , he has to be in S J hall , sitting with his baja , composing & singing . with song papers strewn all around him .
Whether there is a recording or not , his compositions will go on , collecting many wonderful tunes which would be stored in his memory bank to be brought out in full excellence for a proper situation , in future .
A whole range of different , new new patterns will take birth .
Tukhda tukhda mukhdas , jumpy mukhdas , gliding mukhdas , so on & so forth .

My song from film ‘Bhai bhahen ‘

‘Ei dil cut karoon mai kya cut
Saamna cut tera hua cut
Paheloose jaana nahi , tu hal meri zindagi

Mai chalee mai chalee short jump
peeche peeche jahaan short jump
lo shuru hogayi short jump … zig zag zig zag ………

Dheere dheere… long jump chal .. chand gaganme…

Dil tera dive down .. diwana hai sanam .. dive dive dive ..

So many different patterns in mukhdas … even those MDs who took the route of S J gharana could not make …..

If the lyricwriters write the song first , they would be of the same pattern , may be some difference in the length of the lines.

But with Shankerji creating the tunes umpteen different patterns will come out with freshness & frolic ..

How many songs & how many music pieces have I watched him compose ? .. Will I be able to tell you ?

Composing sessions , song writing sessions , rehearsals , notation writings will go on & on …….

Sebastianji will come with his illustrious violin .
He was not one of the best .. he was the best.
He & S J fitted hand in glove .
He was the one who could write all those awesome pieces which Shankerji would go on bringing out , pieces coming out like Akash Ganga coming down pouring , his fingers moving on the reeds in lightning speed .
I am sure Seb must have made up his own shorthand to write all Shankerji’s overflowing music pieces . Piece after piece after piece come out dancing …All wonderful melodious , tuning in with the song pieces … not any noisy gimmicks or tricky fooling technics .

For how many songs you are making music , Shanker sab? We are doing just one song now & you have already made music for atleast a dozen songs !
By the way , where did you get this amazing baja from ?
Can you give us the address ?

Out of an array of pieces required amount of pieces will be selected .

These pieces cannot be played in a straight manner .
Each & every piece has to be charged with fire , with proper punch , push & kick . Lots of little little details have to be lovingly taken care of……… This is what that makes S J orchestra special .
The idea is to hook your heart & pull it towards the music .
Your heart will not fall easily for any ordinary formation of music which goes filling in the blanks with sargam exercises ..will it ?

In ‘Dost dost . after the sthayi the music goes…..
Ta ra ra ra a a 1 2 3 1 2 3
Ta ra ra ra a a 1 2 3
Tam tarararam…….
Ta ra ra ra a a ta ra ra …….. so on

Each piece starts zooming up with a jerk ….
Shankerji will play in the same manner he wants in the orchestra ,
with a jerk he will start , Ta ra ra ra cut again with a jerk ta ra ra ra cut .. then the sound will go soft , slowly going louder reaching full punch , ta ra ra ra cut ta ra ra ra ..

All this variations he will play fully in his baja . Seb would write exactly the same in his papers& play them in his violin pronto & later they would come in the orchestra with the same jerks & waves Shankerji’s fingers have played ..

In’Jaane chaman , the intro music goes in a run going up & up.
Ta ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ta ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
The first ta ra ra ra starts with a jerk , then the second with another jerk then the third then the music goes climbing & heaving like a jumbo taking off bending this way & that way.. then going soft & fading …

In ‘Yaad na jaye , after the first phrase , the counter comes .
Yaad na jaye… ta ra ra ra ra
Beete dinonki .. ta ra ra ra ….

The jerks ,the waves , the pushes ,the punches , the raises , falls , fadeins , fadeouts ,cuts , zoomups , zoomdowns , runs , rhythm patterns , bangs , fillers , counters , he plays !
Everything , the commas , semicolons , exclamation marks ,apostrophes , question marks , fullstops , each & every expression is covered up !

S J violins are monumental in Indian music history .
See , how they have all come out to live in your heart for ever , for you to love , cherish & adore ….

How the first bow should hit the violin bridge , where the bows should go aggressively . where they should go soft , where they should go skidding , where they should go in long bows . where they should go in short bows , where they should go in runs & what sort of runs , soft to loud or loud to soft , runs in single bow & cut bows , where should the cuts come & if there are any finger pluckings how they should come ………..Each & every small thing comes out of his baja…..

Other solo instruments’ pieces also come out alive in full bloom , whether it is a Sax , accordian electric guitar or any other .
Where the grace should come , where the full power should be applied , where they should go soft , the breaks , the cuts all expressions of the solo instruments he plays , his right hand fingers with the full brilliance of his soul functioning thro them , running on the keys & his left hand pushing the bellows with the right amount of force required making it like a human heart breathing thro the bellows .. with feeling ….

What is left for anyone to think of ?
Is there any place for more imagination ?

Is there so much in his baja ?
Is it an Amrit Kalash or what ?

Usually Music directors give all these expressions to the musicians by conducting , waving their hands in different gestures .Musicians know what move means what expression & they will go accordingly

But we have here is not any M D . We have Shankerji , the one & only , who can bring the whole orchestra in person in his this small treasure chest !
I dont think anywhere any composer could play like this all the expressions , intonations & variations of his orchestra in his musical instrument .
Composing is different & playing the music is something else ..

This is where the genius comes alive raising from the ocean of music carrying his Amrit Kalash , bringing pieces & combinations for a beyond the space orchestra , to conquer the world ..

Many western music giants have created great music .
They are all mainly classics & symphonies .
If they had to compose so many gems of songs of 3/4 minutes duration for movie situations , it is doubtful if they will ever come close to S J s creations ..

It is a great tragedy that I am the only one who have seen all these musical avalanches from his hands …… I thank God that after all these years I am able to bring all that out for you .

I am sure many others must have seen him & heard him play like this , sometime or other . Will any of them be gracious enough to come out & tell you ?
I heard some one say that Munna Aziz said amazed after hearing him play like this , ‘Shanker sab , you have brought the full orchestra here ‘

As a spectator of his musical downpours , I have witnessed him compose numerous songs in front of me , sometimes me singing the new tunes .
And many of those heart pulling pieces of Joker background , of which you go ga ga over &over again have taken birth long long before Joker was born . I have heard so many pieces of them being played many times in his baja getting stored in his music memory bank .
Mostly Shankersab composed major numbers of songs for a movie & Jaikishenji composed the rest & the background .
In some cases , Shankerji composed background music also for some movies, one of them being Joker .The other one I have watched him compose the full background score is movie ‘Pyar Mohabbat .There were some other movies also for which Shankerji composed background , but I am not sure about for which movies ..

I know there are many great harmonium players in India , some of them great in ragas , some in gazals & some in folks.
But there is no one like Shankerji who could play in all varieties , specially in modern , newwave western music. In which noone could , leave alone touch him , could not even come miles near him .Modern western music was a child’s play in his hands .He could have surely shown a thing or two to the western music masters ……………………………………

Hard to believe .. yes ?
Yes .. it is hard to believe for me also .. Me after seeing him play like this by my own eyes & hearing him play like this by my own ears ….Now remembering the sound my head goes round & round ..But I am telling you , believe me ,… …. I am not yunhi tarifing him just for the heck of it … I dont have to . What a genius he was is world known ….. But his this playing the music is beyond anyone’s imagination .
His fingers would do the Tandav Nritya of Bhagwan Shivji in his baja .
Never before , never after will there be anyone to play like this & create pieces like him .
God had made him & broken the mould !
Whatever have come out for us is only a fraction of his creations .
He should have come to the world in todays time .. he was so much ahead of time…………………………

The whole orchestra is completed in his baja .
The piano pieces he plays himself in the grand piano which stands in his hall ..
Only all these must be written & fixed with chords & brought out in the orchestra .

Some one was saying that some one was saying that Sebastian’s hands were there in making S J orchestra music..

What an uproarious laugh ?
This must be the joke of the millennium

For what in the world would they ever want anyone’s help ?
Would the sun need to take light from anyone ?

Shankerji had the full ocean of music in his fingers plus all the imagination of the world of music in his brains .
Jaisab also was the same .
What sort of a koodh will say such a thing ? ..
If this is not blatant malice & jealousy then what ?

As I had mentioned earlier in one of my posts , some M D s tell the musicians to play on their own filling the gaps in a song .
But not all M D s do that . Some great music directors have their own style of music & they compose the music for the song as per the tune & mood of the song .

The unparalleled phenomenon in music , the kings of kings in music , S J who were masters in all known varieties of music & wizards in the usage of all sorts of instruments …….who has brought a new wonderful dimension in music to India… whose magic goes on holding millions of all generations spell bound …………………would they need any help ?

Who is an arranger ? And what is his job ?

In my next write up ………………..

[taken from her facebook wall written by her on 11-06-2017]

5 thoughts on “Shankerji (Jaikishen ji) had the full ocean of music

  1. Yes, Shankar was a genius so too was Jai and the duo composition mesmerised the music listners. Many MDs aped their style of composing. But after Jai’s death, Shankar such a genius that he is failed to bring out worthwhile compositions that stood test of time. Why the magic did not work. Barring Sanyasi, to some extent Beiman other movies did not have the quality of SJ music. I am unable to understand this.

    Agreed many MDs compositions lacked thei finesse in the end of the career take for example MS Viswanathan in Tamil films, OP Nayar, to name some


  2. When I study the combination of Lataji and Shankar jaikishan,I observe that the combination had more than 200 no of evergreen,melodious,classic songs which are on lips always.But this is not with other music directors.Combindingly all the music directors have hardly 50-70 evergreen,melodious,classic songs with Lataji.This shows
    The greatness of Shankar Jaikishan.


  3. Sharda has been my most favourite singer.Her style of singing and voice was peculiar and made for Shankar Jaikishan.All the songs sung by sharda are always on my lip.It is my belief that she has not got the height of Lataji,for which she is deserved,due to bad luck only.I had contacted Shardaji on email also to convey her my feelings


  4. Many MDs could not create great compositions during the end of their career or in their last phase. There are some more other than MS Viswanathan, OP Nayar.. Even Lakshmikanth Pyarelal were not at their best during the end of their career. Reasons can more Taste of listners changing, quality of films may not be inspiring composers to creat challenging tunes, society is changing, inapt situations in films for songs to fit in etc. These are reasons in my opinion.



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