Shankar was a YOGI of music


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The First Global Music director duo

The popularity of Hindi films outside the Hindi belt is mainly due to the music and songs. This was, facilitated by Radio Ceylon at the beginning . The music era of the legendary KL Saigal was appreciated by only the elite ( so called Classes ) . But soon Naushad .Anil Biswas . C Rama Chandra etc created new music that was grabbed with delight by all including the masses all over the Nation . And then entered a new duo—Shankar & jaikishan that further enhanced the entire concept of Hindi film music. The duo created one hit after another. While films were run on the image of the stars , SJ changed that too. Producers started booking SJ as music directors first of all before heroes/heroines .
Thus SJ doninated the Hindi film field for more than two decades —-with their songs on every ones lips throughout the country more so in AP apart from Hindi region. Shankar was a born musician . It was a god’s gift . He was ably complemented by Jaikishan so much so that many believed that they were one person ie. Shankar jaikishan was the name of a single person . Shankar was a simple ,down to earth person and an introvert too . He was totally dedicated to his music and nothing else . Jaikishan was young and outgoing person with a penchant for friends with his favorite drink and more reachable. Though their individualities differ much their passion for music is same .One can not distinguish between a Shankar’s song and a jaikishan’ song though they were creating songs individually right from Barsat. Hasrat jaipuri himself told in an interview as such.
Shankar’s magnanimity is already well known . He remained dedicated to his music so much so that we kow nothing about his personal life and family . There would never be another Shankar . I say Shankar was a YOGI of music

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                                                                                                                             Anil Anawalikar ji

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