The Myths Surrounding Shankar Jaikishan



When anyone reaches the dizzying heights in their career, gain unheard of national and international fame, and win stupendous fan following from the common man to stalwarts in the entertainment and political world like Shankar Jaikishan did, it is but natural for their peers to feel a twinge of jealousy. Their contemporaries and media spun all kinds of fictitious stories about SJ to gain attention. Some in the music industry wanted to dismantle SJ from the “pedestal” their fans put them on and the media wanted to sell their product. The public was so fascinated by the composer duo’s persona and would take anything and everything written about the duo and believing it. SJ were so busy in their work that they hardly ever gave any interviews which would have helped to set the record straight.

It was said that SJ were arrogant and did not spare time to give interviews to the press. This is far from the truth. The reason was that SJ were extremely busy and they hardly ever had the time. Thus, the little time that they had was spent on their personal interests. Shankar, the consummate musician that he was, spent all his spare time composing tunes, learning to play new instruments and meeting with classical musicians who were of great interest to him. Jaikishan, on the other hand, was a social butterfly. With his handsome looks and successful career, he was always surrounded by friends and fans. Being a “party animal,” he was always spotted at social events where he was the center of attraction.

That Shankar was rude, crude and uncouth cannot be more false. He may not have been highly educated, but he was a man of honor. Being a thorough professional, he always delivered his assignments on time and, thus, could never tolerate tardiness and irresponsibility. He reprimanded those who were not, which left him in their bad books.

Nothing is as far from truth as Shankar Jaikishan being dropped from movies because of their high remuneration. As their popularity grew, so did their number of assignments. At the top of their career, in 1971, SJ were the busiest in town with nineteen movies on hand and couldn’t take on any more assigments. This was true with producers like Sridhar, L. V. Prasad, P. Gangadhara Rao, S. S. Vasan, T. Prakasa Rao from the south who were actively making movies and very bady wanted SJ to compose music for their upcoming movies. But the composers were swamped with work and couldn’t oblige. Movie making is a high risk gambling. Films are financed at twenty five percent interest rate and, as it gets closer to release date, the interest rate sometimes jumped to thirty percent too. With this factor involved, the producers couldn’t afford to wait for SJ to be free to work for their movies. So, they opted for other music directors who were ready to work for them at a fraction of the remuneration and meager orchestra which reflected in their run of the mill work.

Lata singing in Shankar Jaikishan concert alongwith Jaikishan

Another fallacy about SJ is that after the demise of Jaikishan, Shankar was a spent force and couldn’t meet the expectations of their fans. The fact is, not only did he complete all the nineteen movies signed for 1971, he even went on to compose music for forty two more movies, single handedly. This is proof that there were many producers who believed in his talent and that the maestro still had the mettle left in him. At the peak of their career, SJ were paid five lakhs for a movie. With Jai’s death, some producers felt that they should cut that amount to half since it was only one composer doing the job. This resulted in a lower budget and fewer musicians to work with in his orchestra which had a negative effect on the compositions. The main reason for the failure of some of SJ’s later movies lies in the mediocre actors, poor story line and screen play.

Lata Sanyasi

That Shankar had a fascination for Sharda and preferred her to Lata and, therefore, switched to the former for female songs was never the case. From their very first movie to the last, SJ chose their singers keeping in mind the lyrics and the actor for who the playback was done. There are many movies in which both Lata and Sharda sang as per requirement of the characters. However, Lata felt threatened by Sharda’s popularity and SJ’s support of her which lead to the former holding a grudge against him. She later returned to the SJ camp to sing many more songs. Yet, Shankar maintained the same regard for the singer till his end.

People may have said and done what they wanted to thwart SJ (Shankar)’s career, but they couldn’t erase their fame and name to this day. SJ reign supreme in the hearts of their fans!

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Anand Thaker
Anand Thaker Very, very nicely expressed

Mithun Krishnan
Mithun Krishnan Beautifully put mam,people need to know the truth.

Dharma Kirthi
Dharma Kirthi Excellent write up, on a very important part of the legendary composers. They were popular and enigmatic. This was fodder for gossip mongers and their detractors.
Their popularity added value to anything written about them which made good business for media.
Thank you Lakshmi for this beautiful article.

Mohan Natarajan
Mohan Natarajan Excellent writeup!

Niranjan M Thakur

Harish Joshi
Harish Joshi Suraj pe mitty dalo to bhi Suraj ki roshni cum nahi hoti. SJ R EVER SHINING SUN. blame of any degree can not get them down.

Avinash Parikh
Avinash Parikh Very truthful article. The clouds can not hide the moon for a long duration. The moon shines and shines. The pair of SJ WILL BE REMEMBERED TILL THE LAST DAY OF THIS EARTH.

Harjap Singh Aujla
Harjap Singh Aujla Most big music directors were jealous of SJ. I won’t name them.

Shrikrishna Lele
Shrikrishna Lele very very true .after 1971, departure of Jai Shankar took the realm of their kingdom and carried their flag very high with movies like – Sannyasi , Beiman and pehchan.its all credit goes to talented Shankar. Shankar was simple man who loved music music and music only. However others and media played politics with him.

Mohit Bhatnagar
Mohit Bhatnagar Shanker,being an honest person and true to his words,continued to remit half of the fees to the widow of Jaikishan

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala With Shankar’s care and generosity, most musicians in his orchestra were loyal to him and worked till his end.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar Lakshmi Kanta Tummala..This is a lucid elaboration of what went on outside the music room. Still l would like to know how Shanker’s widow has been doing these last 29 years since 26th April 1987.

Shrikrishna Lele
Shrikrishna Lele Shankar married to a girl name Kunda in very simple manner and very few celebrity attended that marriage. they had no issue. However then nobody knows what happens to her.

Shrikrishna Lele
Shrikrishna Lele Perhaps Laxmi ji may throw some light on this private side of Shankar ji.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar l popped this small question because everyone knows about the handsome Jaikishan’s marriage, wife Pallavi, 2 sons and 1 daughter Bhairavi. So why it was always sought to put Shanker in the shade ?

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Nand Kumar and Shrikrishna Lele, unlike Jai, Shankar was a very private man and, thus, maintained a very low profile. He married a widow named Kunda with two sons. The two did not have any children of their own. Kunda also passed away a few years after Shankar. No one knows the whereabouts of the step sons.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar Lakshmi Kanta Tummala..l thank you very much for this information about my most favourite maestro Shanker. My respect for him has gone up even higher..if that is possible ! He was a genius and a magician in creating lovely tunes, and exhilerating preludes, interludes and epilogues.

Sudarshan Pandey
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Chandraksh Pandya
Chandraksh Pandya Very Nice Write Up

Mohit Bhatnagar
Mohit Bhatnagar Very logically explained in a convincing manner

Haribhai Darji
Haribhai Darji well written which is fact

Arun Bajaj
Arun Bajaj Most of the old time music-directors and singers have regularly displayed ‘collective amnesia’ when it comes to Shankar-Jaikishan and Shankar-Jaikishan alone.This is just plain blasphemy..!

Mohit Bhatnagar
Mohit Bhatnagar I have Naushad’s biography with me,written by Chaudhary Zia Imam” -Zarra Jo Aftab Bana”(published by Penguin) wherein Naushad while talking about his contemporaries,speaks of MD Chitragupt and even Lacchiram but not a word is uttered about SJ

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Mohit Bhatnagar, when questioned about it, Naushad said that he simply forgot.

Sudarshan Pandey
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Mohan Prasad Sinha
Mohan Prasad Sinha Laxmi Kanta ji. Another appreciable write up from you about the great duo SJ is very substantive. Thanks

Ravindra Shah
Ravindra Shah very nice write up

Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma SJ music was best delivered from 1949 to 1971…Raj Kapoor was like a goldsmith who had knowledge to sense talent (gold) as well as predict about immortal hit tunes after first hearing.

Dharma Kirthi
Dharma Kirthi Vishesh Sharma, Raj Kapoor produced Aag, before SJ’ joined him. But he got his name and fame from Barsat, which gave him his first hit.

It was SJ’ who gave RK’ his success. His international fame came from, Awara and it’s famous title song. RK’ s filSee More

Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma No credits to RK for SJ success..on the contrary, some of the grand preludes and interludes like kaun hai jo sapno mein aaya and many more were Non RK…..emphasis is SJ hits and quality delivery was between 1949 and 1971….However another emphasis isSee More

Vinayak Joshi
Vinayak Joshi Well said Dharma Kirthi.
RK films, post S-J phase, suffered badly musically speaking..See More

Vinayak Joshi
Vinayak Joshi Extremely well argued piece..
This should bust all the negative myths planted by the media & the rivals, once & for all..

Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma My statement doesnt give credit to RK….however it is much matured and broader emphasis.

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Point well taken, Vishesh. Members here are discouraged to separate SJ in their compositions by giving credit to one or the other since it was always a collaborative effort and SJ themselves never revealed their individual contribution to a song. However, one should feel free to comment on S and J’s personalities since it does not mention their music.

Sudarshan Pandey
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Dilip Maskeri
Dilip Maskeri Excellent written by Lakshmiji

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Thank you, Anand Thaker, Mithun, Mohan Natarajan, Niranjan M Thakur, Harish Joshi, Avinash, Harjap Singh, Shrikrishna Lele, Chandraksh Pandya, Mohit Bhatnagar, Haribhai Darji, Arun Bajaj, Mohan Prasad Sinha, Ravindra Shah, Vishesh Sharma, Mohan Prasad Sinha and Dilip Maskeri, for you input.

M.k. Rajkapoor
M.k. Rajkapoor Superb article on SJ carrier before & after 1971…Gr8 detailed info in this regard.Thanks Lakshmi Kanta Tummala.

Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni
Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni This is an excellent article. But the fact is even after their departure (1971 – Jaikishan & 1986 – Shanker ji ) the popularity of their eternal music is still alive ( Over other MDS, both contemporary and others till date, even A.R. Rehman is also noSee More

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala You are absolutely right, Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni and thank you for your appreciation of the post.

CA Bharat Bhandari
CA Bharat Bhandari Legacy will continue forever…! Excellent article…Music lovers like me ….never seen SJ….but their legacy passed on by you all seniors…Thanks for sharing..

Rama Kant Singh
Rama Kant Singh Very nicely put up the facts about great shankar jaikishan..

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta okk,granted Shankar carried SJ banner forward till his last breath,he also used Jai’s name with his to keep aglow SJ spirit but will any one explain following points_
1.Post Jai’s departure how many of films of Shanker were successful at box office other than Sanyasi or may be Do Jhooth though I have my own doubts over the latter?And compare this with number of SJ films which used to be SJ(Silver Jubilees)in earlier times .
Forget Silver Jubilee they were mostly financial disasters.
2.Shankar was no more in list of successful MDs..forget top MDs post 1971.
3.Shankar was reduced to second,third or even lower rung MD like Usha Khanna,Sapan Jagmohan,Madan Mohan,Naushad ,Ravi,etc who too were on slide down journey after attaining peak of their career.
4.If any one scan Binaca(Cibaca later) Geetmalas of post 1971 era,quite of count_on_your_finger songs of Shanker featured in its weekly slots while in their hey day they used to have more than 50% of progrmamme’s songs from their films.
5.Most of films done by Shanker belonged to B and C category producers.Top nd A Class prooducers avoided him.So did top class actors and actresses who always preferred top notch MDs like L.P.,K.A.R.D.B Bappi Lahiri,Rajesh Roshan etc.Shanker was never a consideration for selection.
The only grace mark to which Shankar qualifies is for_
1.He kept SJ banner afloat.
2.He was never without assignment for films unlike LP and KA who went filmless on departure of one of team partner
3.He did not beg for film like LP did in their near famine days.
4.He lived a dignified life till end without making compromises on money issues.
5.He was an egoist right from day one and remained so till last,did nor beg or borrow but lived the way he was accustomed to.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar The 5 ‘grace marks’, in my opinion, should be called ‘Character Highlights’ worthy of emulation and adulation ! When time and trends change ( for the worse) even sublime stuff gets overlooked. The quality of Binaca Geet Mala also declined post 1967.

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala J.k. Mehta, at the formation of the SJ banner, they made a pact that if one died before the other, the survivor would continue to compose under the same banner. Therefore, Shankar was not “using Jai’s name with hist to keep aglow” as you say.
1. Since Jai was a savvy businessman, Shankar had him deal with the producers. So, it was Jai who signed the nineteen films in 1971 and died an untimely death which put the entire load on Shankar. Despite feeling his lowest after losing Jai and the producers drastically slashing the budget, Shankar fulfilled every assignment on time in a very professional manner. I gave the reasons why the films did not fare well in the later years.
2. It is a known fact that people with a vested interest did everything from keeping SJ songs played on the radio to removing them from record shops. The music is what drew moviegoers to the theaters. When the songs aren’t heard as enough, they will not be known.
3. If Shankar was reduced to second, third or lower rung, how come he was in continuous demand with the producers? I am surprised you compare Shankar with the others. We all know who played dirty politics to have him removed from big banners. But, his loyal producers stood by him through thick and thin.
4. The media was influenced by the bigwigs in the music industry in every which way. Thus, danced to the tune. Binaca Geetmala is no exception.
5. Number 3 answers this.

Glad to see you generously gave some ‘grace marks’ for this master maestro.

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta reams nd reams can be written on BGM,a programme which ran on sole discretion of compere Amin Sayani who ;by virtue of the influence and impact that the programme had on fortunes of songs as also persons associated with composition of songs_the singer/See More

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Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Exactly! Shankar and SJ (his) music were deliberately kept from the public. Even today, most radio disc jockeys and TV video jockeys are ignorant and misinformed about SJ’s glory and legacy. Quite frequently I notice some of SJ songs are credited to other composers. When a person is influenced by a bid wig in the industry, he/she will lose his/her credibility since they no longer remain unbiased.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hrs
J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta lakshmi.mam,here I would like maximum discussion by our forum members as to why SJ are not as popularly known to today’s generation as OPN,RDB and Bappi Lahiri.SJ’s anonymity like fame is also shared by LP.MadanMohan,Naushad not to speak of lesser knowSee More

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Sir, you don’t seem to get my point. When the youth are not exposed to SJ’s music, there is no way they will pick them to perform at their shows.
I will take your suggestion and go ahead to start a conversation among our members to get their feedback.

Like · Reply · 1 · 22 hrs
Vinayak Joshi
Vinayak Joshi I disagree that the youth of today have penchant only for OP,RD.
Far from true.
My son , in his late twenties adores S-J, so do his friends..
It’s another matter that the younger generation loves their songs without sometimes realising that those are S-J creations..

A Radha Mangeshkar, daughter of Hridaynath, when doesn’t tire of saying upfront that S-J are her absolute favorite composers, only vindicates the fact..
Does it need to be stressed that she belongs to the current generation?

There is no way even younger generation can escape the magical spell of S-J brand of melody..!

Bappi Lahiri ?
Give us another..

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 22 hrs
J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta VJ,U just mentioned a couple of names but if u watch singing talent shows the younger generation keep choosing fast numbers of OPN,Bappi Lahiri and RDB from old school of MDs and very very rarely SJ ,LP and other MDs of yester years.Here also the singers might not be knowing the creators of these peppy songs but they choose the songs on their sheer merits.

Sudarshan Pandey
Sudarshan Pandey 🙂 You have seen very rare contestants to try a SJ song. Very true……..Their songs are more singer demanding songs, which you have seen that very few could justice to SJ songs. On previous occasions too whenever anyone tried their song, only 10% sucSee More

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta sirji,I too like u am a talent hunt show buff and similar other tv shows.There was a time when particopants chose SJ and Mdan Mohan compositions which almost made up more than 50% of contestants’ selection but gradually the slide set in and as the newSee More

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 10 hrs
Sudarshan Pandey
Sudarshan Pandey N-S brought fresh breathe and established that hit songs can be made without going in shelter of fully westernized style

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta right sir but in talent shows;their songs are not selected by the contestants,both senior and junior.One plausible reason ,,may be that like Anu Malik,Anand Milind,Jatin Lalit,they could not leave a trove of naughtily romantic songs for future participants to pick but as I said.this is just a plausible cause and iis subject to discussions.

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs
Sudarshan Pandey
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Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala J.k. Mehta, I would request you to take time and watch my concert in tribute to SJ on February 13, 2016 on YouTube with the link below. Each of the young singers appreciated for having given them the opportunity to sing SJ memorable songs.

Please type Sjfa 2016 on the search bar.

Like · Reply · 1 · 21 hrs
J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta Mam if I write some thing unsavoury about SJ,believe me my heart bleeds but mature as I have become over the years compels me to look at them objectively,without age bold biases and predilections.If I find an SJ admirer even today which sadly not very often these days,my heart fills with pride and joy.Ihave been their diehard fan for over two decades but yes started losing intensity of loyalty to them after Jai’s demise and Shanker’s inability to keep up standards he had set up with Jai for over two decades.So Mam,I need not watch any SJ related programme to augment my admiration for my idols as I am still hooked on to their 1949_1971 music,masti,dhamaal.Hopevu will understand my statement in right perspective.

Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni
Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni Looks there is a deviation from the main point of discussion. The observationsame recorded here by learned critics are from fact. With due respect to OPN & RDB, the popularity of SJ is unparallel even today. This is just because of their versatility. NSee More

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta my observations on sj songs featuring in reality shows are based on actual watching,not on hearsays or my personal likings .

Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni
Chandrashekhar Anant Kulkarni Same can be said about my observations, but I respect your views and at the same time reserve my right to differ with you.

M.k. Rajkapoor
M.k. Rajkapoor Vividh bharti Radio channel pe purane songs ke programme mein & over all pure dinbhar jo gane bajte rehte hai us mein sab se jyada songs “SJ” ke hote hai..Mom.Rafi saab.ko total 6 film fare award mile hai us mein 3 films by SJ music.

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala J.k. Mehta, it looks like there is some kind of prejudice against Shankar that is prompting you to such negative remarks about SJ.
Well, to each his own.
Let us stop this discussion here and enjoy SJ music that brought us all together.

Sudarshan Pandey
Sudarshan Pandey J.k. Mehta ji Except a Highly objectionable word ‘Used’ Jai’s name with his to keep aglow SJ spirit, rest of your observations are voice of some frustrated SJ fans, which are also in good number. It was unwritten pact between the two that the surviving partner will go with the banner and do everything to keep the banner alive till last. Shanker gave full honour to the pact honestly. So in no case you should say that Shanker ‘Used’ Sorry Sir.
Regarding your first 5 Negative points about him doing undergrade films, It can be said that he had to oblige his producers who were almost friends. Shankar’s immediate recordings after Jaikishan’s death was for film Door Nahin Manzil…………Please pick one song which you can label a Mediocre composition. Then came Jungle Mein Mangal, leave other songs, but can you find anything bad about, “Tum Kitni Khoobsoorat ho” ? Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar was a film of different genre. There is no wrong with his music………But these films did not click at box office. Not fault of Shanker, they were not publicised for financial weakness. In the meantime he got several assignments, like Naseeb Ki baat, Jugal Jodi, Baby India, Waqt Ka Sikander (a multi starrer of those days) and several other films. You might have lost faith in him, but there were producers which have faith in him and were signing. He got Dharmendra’s dream project ‘Bichchhoo’ and most probably you might have read how and in which situation he had to quit the project which Dharmendra himself dissolved.
The big thing was that he had nothing left to prove nor there was any to challenge his creativity which certainly went against him.
When one of his great admirer asked him why he was doing all these films, he had replied, ‘khaali baith ke kya karoonga’ Yes certainly he was doing several films half heartedly because he was deprived of his size orchestra which was his forte. Suppose a fighter has been given less arms and ammunition and expected to win the war.
BUT, But, wherever he got free hand he produced wonderful music…………Sanyasi, Chorni and Dil, Daulat Aur Duniya are burning examples to prove that the musician in him was as energetic as it was in his previous days. But the bad thing and bad time was after him, that is why except Sanyasi which has mediocre story, rest two films with great story and great acting by Nitu Singh (Chorni) and great pair Rajesh Khanna+Sadhna and fantastic acting by Ashok Kumar and Omprakash with very soulful story did not click on box office. If you can, please watch these films yourself and decide whethere there was anything wrong with any department in those films………………
It is very easy to find lacunae in someone’s work but if you see the factors behind it, as a true SJ fan, you cant criticise like that……..
But you have again given 5 Positive points to him and they cover up his 5 negative points sir ji. But as a helpless SJ fan who always takes pride for them, your feelings are right.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar The duets of KK and AB of the 1970s which Shanker composed were of a better quality than those of his peers. Who can forget ‘Do baatein pyar bharee’ or ‘Dil Mera Kho Gaya’ or ‘Mujhko Thand Lag Rahee Hai’ ? !!!

Samuel Jayaraj Tuluri
Samuel Jayaraj Tuluri I did it my way ___ Frank Sinatra;s song is true regarding Shankar.

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta “mujhe thand lg rhi” what do I say on this vulgarish composition,which was more suggestive than melodious.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar JKM..What about ‘Aaja panchhi akela hai’ of the late 1950s, which was a big hit ? Vulgarity lies in the mind of the person who interprets..just like ‘beauty in the eyes of the beholder’ !

Mohan Natarajan
Mohan Natarajan Very nice observations Nand Kumarji!

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar Thank you MN ! l had also wanted to add that the Censor Board found nothing wrong with the song.

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Sudarshan Pandey
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J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta not a great comparison despite misplaced appreciative endorsent

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar JKM..Your opinions, though at a tangent, are welcome ! We live in a democratic society. So there’s no need for all to agree on any point or song ! At least 2 of the 3 duets adumbrated by me cleared your filter test ! That’s 66.67 % pass !!

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 9 hrs
J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta liked yr chivalrous stance NK.Any other man would have got into a brawl with me but you so gallantly dealt the issue.Hats off to u buddy.

Nand Kumar
Nand Kumar JkM..l reciprocate, but l need to buy a few hats first !! Life is short, so let’s make it sweet too !!! No time for brawls or skirmishes.

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta nice words .do appreciate.on this space academic exchanges need not be taken on personal long this is followed.things will always be cordial.

Sudarshan Pandey
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Dharma Kirthi
Dharma Kirthi Dale Carnige…once said ” A man convinced against his will,is of the same opinion still”
There is a strong school of thought against Shankar, who believe it Jaikishan was the star.
These people forget that Jaikishan was 17 when Barsat was made.. Shankar built the brand..and mentored Jaikishan and together these two composers created magic for more than two decades.
Such prejudices have always existed with all the great artists.
Shankar was a supreme talented and composer who was complete in all respects. His compositions were like symphonic…he embellished his songs like a bride…
Well, freedom of thought expression are fundamental..and will always be respected..
Shankar Jaikishan were an inseparable composers, who has a divine connect, and never needed any certificates on their talent, creativity..
They will remain the best….. composers best friends who complemented each other…
As great Composers they remained on top and always attracted highest detractors….which is an evidence of their greatness….

Like · Reply · 4 · 8 hrs
Vinayak Joshi
Vinayak Joshi Availing the same freedom of expression,I would never accept the allusion that Shankar was the lesser of the two, that he wasn’t the same after Jai departed, or that brand S-J is withering vis a vis the youth audience of today or that OP,RD ( I abhor mentioning the rest), somehow connect with the audience more intimately..

Vinayak Joshi
Vinayak Joshi Having said it,I appreciate JKM for highlighting the fact that unlike other composer duos, Shankar didn’t beg for work nor fade away into anonymity..

Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs · Edited
Avinash Bhalchandra Padhye
Avinash Bhalchandra Padhye While supporting argument in favour of Shankarji’s choice for using singers as per the lyrics and actors is correct but than we criticise Lata ji for not singing for him and Raj Kapoor ji for not giving him films forgetting their rights to choose their MDs also if friendship is the issue nobody says a word about Shankarji not using Hasratji after 1971 as frequently as was using earlier and also I don’t agree with Laxmi Madams statement Lata felt threatened by Sharda but in the article she has managed to touch upon every debatable topic and explained Shankarji’s side very effectively.

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta all said and done the fact remains that despite all his best efforts,neither Shankarji could regain his old midas touch,nor Sharda could forge ahead in her singing career.On the contrary Lataji went ahead up and up like before and RDB too maintained his career graph which left Shankerji as a fringe MD.

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
Dharma Kirthi
Dharma Kirthi RDB was jobless in his last few years of his life, and died a frustrated soul. Pyarelal works as arranger to new composers. Shankar had films on his hand till his last breath. Wonder who dies a fringe composer. Prejudices are fine, but fact should never be ignored.

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs
Vinayak Joshi
Vinayak Joshi But then,it is facts which take the beating in face of prejudice..!

Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma SJ were Emperors…Quality was till 1971…We should respect all composers…All composers are God’s Gift….Pyarelalji is pitamah…He recently wrote a Symphony named Shivam, got accredited by US and performed by German musicians…RDB gave immortal music in 1942 love story…These are great people and deserve respect…we are just spectators/human being from some corners, SJ were emperors from 1949-1971…Show must go on…lets enjoy music of SJ…such discussions will not give any value add

Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs · Edited
Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma Check above link…pyarelalji ‘s symphony music played by german musicians….lets respect all…considering SJ were emperors

J.k. Mehta
J.k. Mehta fringe md does not mean out of work .It only denotes a man’s status of being far away from top and being on sidelines like many other less successful ones.

Lakshmi Kanta Tummala
Lakshmi Kanta Tummala Dear gentlemen,
We have all had a chance to express our views.
I now declare this discussion closed. No more comments are allowed.
Let us enjoy SJ music.

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1 thought on “The Myths Surrounding Shankar Jaikishan

  1. The greatness of Shankar Jaikishan lies in the fact that in the fierce competition from
    S.D,OP,Naushad,they bag 9 film fare awards,2 sursingar awards.All song of each picture were hit.At present also on all channels their songs are played most than other
    Music Directors.Annu Mallic,Rajesh Roshan,Asha Bhosale also admire them as their most favourite M.D.Anil Bishwas,C Ramchandra,OP,S.D,K.A,LP also had a good remarks about their class and popularity.Their had scored classical songs in each picture,see the class of Amrpali,Basant Bahar etc.RIP S.J.



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