Shri Rajan Shah

For a young lad of 23, Shankar Singh Ram Singh Raghuvanshi, who migrated from Hyderabad in 1945 with a dance troupe, no one , even in their wildest of dreams would even have imagined that here was the youngster, who with his visionary genius, was all set to change the music trends. Not only did he change the trend of music, but gave music its rightful place. He was the person responsible to make music an industry in itself. Till then, it was only the Film industry that existed, but with the rise of the new Sun on the horizon, the Music industry started taking shape.
His musical prowess was such that he could play every musical instrument with ease, while he was a master of most which were introduced by him. His mastery over raagas made him comfortable with songs of any genre and any situation. His keen eye could search great musical gems like Jaikishan, Dattaram, Sabistian and many more. The musical fraternity would have been poorer without all these gems had it not been for this great genius.
His loyalty and dignity were his hallmarks, which he never compromised even in the late 60 s when there was so much of mud slinging on him about the alleged break with Jaikishan. The media kept barking, but Shankar never dipped low , as he kept his dignified silence , thus shutting the barking hounds.
What shocks me beyond belief is the attitude of the Government. Here was the duo, with 9 film fare awards, 13 nominations, number of other awards, being so biased with such a miserly attitude. Do they deserve only a Padmashri ? They defined music. They made it an industry. They gave melody. They produced harmony. They soothed a billion ears. Their music reached every nook and corner of the country. From a hut to a palace, there is not a single day that their songs don’t reach them. They gave joy. They gave sorrow. They gave pleasure. They made singers. They made artists. They and they themselves were responsible for what music is today. They unleashed the Golden era. They did every thing that was unthinkable. Then why this bias?
Let’s all come together and take a pledge that we will fight for a cause to give this legendary duo the deserving Bharat Ratna. Let the campaign begin.