Shanker-Jaikishen’s styles – Sharda

Most of the time the notation sessions of Shankerji will last for 2/3 hours or even more. Because Shankerji would want to play all those exotic pieces in his harmonium , to his heart’s content. He will go on playing , playing & Sebastian will go on writing , writing . Sometimes for one requirement Sebastian must have written 6 or more pieces. He will play all of them for Shankerji , to select one..

Playing playing Shankerji will stop & ask for tea.Tea will be prepared & brought . But before it came he would have started another spree of his music playing . The tea cup will be sitting there , tea getting cold & forgotten .Then again after sometime he will ask for tea & again the same story .

The music writing over, the song would have already been written , Shankerji will summon his rhythmists ,who were on his permanent pay role All of them would come & take their positions with their instruments. Then between themselves, Shankerji in his harmonium & Sebastian in his violin they will play the full song with all the music to the accompaniment of the rhythm

And Shankerji will tell me to sing the song along with them . Whether it was my song or other’s . I was under training & Shankerji thought it will give me good experience .

Once the whole thing was played a few times , small changes made & Shankerji was satisfied ,he will announce pack up .Then he will discuss with Sebastian about which musicians should be called for the recording. A list will be made & given to one of the staff who will contact the musicians. And shankerji. will fix a date for rehearsal

Then he will sit back & have his long due tea .

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