'Chale jana . zara thehro...At a function , with Mubarak Begumji'

I have watched Shankerji on his music composing & notation writing sessions.
His fingers moving like lightning on the keys of the harmonium bringing out beautiful pieces, piece after piece each better than the other that filled the air .
Sebastian with his pad & pencil trying to catch up with the speed captured the pieces in the music sheet . And on the spot he will play the pieces in his violin & Shankerji will ok them Afterwards Sebastian will fix the chords , counterparts & decorate them All those wonderful music pieces in SJ songs came to life like this
Many musicdirectors will let the musicians play on their own for interlude music .Not Shanker jaikishen . They composed each & every piece.. …Also not taken from the computer & fit them in the song like todays mds.
Occasionally Shankerji will let the musicians play solo pieces by themselves, like in song ‘Dekho mera dil machalgaya ‘ ustad Rais khan sab played the sitar . Naturally a stalwart like Rais khansab cannot be told to play some fixed notes. So Shankerji asked him to play on his own & he played by his imagination . Later on Shankerji told me that in each take he played different pieces
Many friends are asking me to share my experiences with SJ work & therefore I am writing this