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Music director Shanker with Pakistani spin bowler - Abdul Qadir.

The late music director Shanker achieved all his goals in life. But a creative man never rests on his laurels. And if he is a professional, then he is forever looking for something new, a challenge. Among the few things Shanker had in mind was composing music on the bowling action of that magical Pakistani spin bowler, Abdul Qadir. He met the ace legspinner when he had come down to the Cricket Club of India for net practice at the start of the Pakistan tour, in early January, 1987. Qadir, who is fond of music, had heard all about Shanker. It was at the CCI that Shanker told Qadir of his desire to compose music on his opening bowling action which resembles the actions of the conductor of an orchestra. Qadir told the veteran to come down to Pakistan anytime and that could be arranged. And then, turning to me, he said -Don’t just keep clicking away at me, inki be tasweer kheenchiye.” That I readily did but I look back on it today with sadness, for the main thing remained unfinished… Shanker’s musical score on Qadir’s bowling action. Really, the one that got away… Pradeep Vijayakar – June – 1987

(Note – This picture was taken in January 1987 – and Shanker died 3 months later on April 26, 1987 at the age of 64).