for facebook1By S.S. Murthy

With the advent of the song Chhod gaye balam… SJ’s very first film Barsaat based on “The Waves of the Danube ” the accordion strikes the melancholic strains of seperation, as it goes on to manifest itself eventually as the signature RK tune symbolic of expression the RK love saga even in a non SJ film like Bobby.

In Boot Polish you have the child urchins whispering to one another travelling on a Bombay suburban train while carrying out their Boot polish service, suddenly find Raj Kaooor across sleeping on a seat and flash comes the strains of the accordion depicting the well identified Raj with the Awara title tune. It was simply a brilliant flash creating the desired sizzling effect.

Come Shree 420 as you have the brilliant Nadira shunning her heroine status to play the vamp in a suductress role, as she finds her laundry messenger, bring in her clothes and finding himself in a nonplussed condition at no answering the call, enters the hall, sits gaping at the lavish luxury of the spread when his gaze comes, across a pack of cards and attempts at a mimicry of distributing the cards to a playing four; with three Jacks, followed by three Queens, three kings before finally placating himself of Three aces, as he is suddenly siezed of an astounding “Shabaash…” by Nadira and a brilliant piece of electrifying effect SJ give with the accordion in the background,
as the scene continues with Raj pleading innocence, to finally falling a prey to the willy guile’s of Nadira, to the club where Raj is used as a jockey to amass a fortune, as she then dumps him later after bashing Raj, as he claims to be the cause..
Now what is found is the audio visual delight played on the background on the accordion the various shades of the tune …”Kisiki muskurahaton …….which was to be deployed by SJ later in a non RK film Anari in 1959. Simply superb is all that one can say.

You also have a shade of the same accordion played here also in Sangam when Raj returns back “jeeta jaagtha in one piece…” and is now welcomed by Radha’s parents and as his eyes search for his beloved Radha comes down the stairs to the accompanying brilliant piece of accordion, simply electrifying as one hears in dumbfounded silence, save the ecstasy creating accordion.

And again you have Marina the circus trapeze artiste, bidding farewell to Raj at the airport, mutters something in Russian, as an onlooking Dara Singh asks Raj on what she said in Rusi bhasha
as Raj recalls an old song and flash comes the brilliant accordion before the scond antara of the Awara song.Simply out of the world Sir

You also have a scene in DAPP where a sad Meena Kumari is depicted to a heightened devastating effect by the accordion piece of the title song.

I thought I will contribute this way towards the Instrument called Accordion which is as inseperable as the mandolin, violins, flutes to SJ’s musical legacy.