Shankar Jaikishan-Geeta Dutt:-

When we talk of Shankar Jaikishan, then we only think of singers like Rafi, Mukesh, Lata, Asha, etc.

Geeta Dutt too has sung for Shankar Jaikishan, but only few songs. but those songs
too hold a special place in our heart.

Lets see those songs.

1) The very first song that Geeta ji sang for Shankar Jaikishan, was in Parbat(1952).
when SJ were at the peak of their career.

this song is a trio of Geeta ji, Rafi Saheb and Lata ji.Some people call it a rare song,
but this is not a very rare song as its frquently played in the radio ceylon.
All the 3 singers have sung it beautifully. Great lyrics penned by Shailendra.

“Kya Batoon Mohabbat Hai Kya”..

2) Geeta Dutt sang only 2 songs in Parbat. The second song is a duet with
Lata ji. The flute played in the song is excellent.

I loved the way Geeta Dutt sang “O Suhani Kehte Hain” in the 1st antra. We all
feel something abt the voice of Geeta ji, the way its so soothing and touching.
Finely composed by Shankar Jaikishan and written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

“Pyaar Bhari In Aankhon Mein”..

3) The next song is from Yahudi(1958). Everything is so precious
about this song. There is no words to praise this fabulous number.
Lata Mangeshkar and Geeta Dutt’s wonderful rendition, Helen and Cuckoo’s
great dance, Shankar Jaikishan’s excellent composition with the use of mandolin, violins,
accordian and flute to blend the melody and last but not the least classic
lyrics written by Shailendra.

“Bechain Dil Khoyi Si Nazar”..

4) The next song is a duet that Geeta ji and Kishore Da sang together
in Shararat, a fantastic romantic beauty sang very well by both of them.
Fantastic composition by Shankar Jaikishan and nicely written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

“Dekh Aasmaan Mein Chand Muskuraaye”..

5) Geeta ji sang 2 classic duets in Shararat(1959). Again with Kishore, a fantastic melody.
Loved the mandolin and accordian that is played in the song. One of the finest melodies.
Hats off to Kishore Da, Geeta ji, Shankar Jaikishan and Hasrat Saheb.

“Tune Mera Dil Liya”..

6) Love Marriage(1959), had 2 Geeta Dutt beauties, First one is a duet with Rafi Saheb
“Dil Se Dil Takraye” By hearing this song by Geeta ji, I always feel she should
have sung more songs for Shankar Jaikishan. Geeta ji has an amazing breadth control,
this aspect of Geeta ji we can see in the antras, the way she has sung this
classic. The chorus singers have also made a nice contribution in this song.
Fine lyrics by Shailendra..

7) Another classic from Love Marriage by Geeta ji. She has taken this song
to a different level, also the mandolin played is superb.
Written by Shailendra.

“Kareeb Aao Na Tadpao”

8) The next song is a fantastic duet with Kishore Kumar from Krorepati(1961).
A very peppy duet nicely rendered, composed and written.

“Kabul Ki Mein Naar”..

9) This one is the most popular song in my view which Geeta ji sang for Shankar Jaikishan.
Its a 7 minute song and each second is worth of it.

An important aspect of this song is it had 5 singers, Manna Dey, Lata, Geeta, Mukesh
and Mahendra Kapoor. All of them sang it very well.

Also, this song is the first song which does not start with the actual line.
It starts with “Hai Aag Hamare Seene Mein” instead of “Hum Bhi Hain”.
the same trend was continued by Op Nayyar in “Deewana Hua Badal” which was started “Ye Dekh Ke Dil Jhooma”
and later by SD Burman in Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamnna Hai” which started with “Kaanton Se Khichke”

Overall a fantastic melody where everybdy’s contribution makes it an all time classic..

10) The next song is from Film Hi Film(1983).

This song was recorded for an unreleased movie Saajan Ki Galiyan, which had Dev
Anand in the leading role. Nicely rendered by Rafi, Geeta Dutt and Suman Kalyanpur.
Lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri..

“Hum Khoob Jaante Hain”.

11) The last song that Geeta ji sang for Shankar Jaikishan was in Jwala(1970).
This was a trio sung by Lata, Geeta and Sudha Malhotra and this was the last
released movie of Madhubala. Songs of this movie were recorded earlier and the movie relased

Lyrics by Rajinder Krishan..

Geeta ji sang 1 to 2 songs in an unreleased movie Ek Tha Ek Thi Rani too
in the late 50’s, but there is no confirmation abt this information

I have just merged all the songs of Geeta ji and Shankar Jaikishan together.
Today looking back, I do feel that Geeta ji should have sung more songs for Shankar Jaikishan,\
but now that’s history.



Nikhil Iyer,



  1. A remarkable collection of songs of one of the great singers and the greatest composers . Thank you very much .
    It is a tragedy that the present generation , including the TV channels are very deliberately avoiding these great music duo . It some times appears to be a conspiracy to deny them their due . Last night I was watching the Times Now show on the music composers of yester- years and it had nearly every one except of course SJ .
    What a shame , prejudice of some is depriving a large number of SJ fans of some great music .
    Hope good sense prevails and they will get their due recognition .


    1. Dear Suresh Thakur ji, thanks for your views. Perhaps you have not gone through one tribute programme on death anniversary of Dev Anand. For the first time I heard on any channel a great comment on SJ pertaining to music in Dev Sahab’s films. I am pasting the clip here for your convenience to watch the programme. My co administrator Nikhil Iyyer has posted the collection of songs of Geeta ji. And don’t worry for the ignorance by media people. Some day they will be bound to realise their fault.



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