Though today is Shankerji’s birthday, but Shanker without Jaikishen is incomplete and vice versa

On Shankerji’s 90th birthday today (15-10-2012), I am dedicating this song to him. It is said that He was uncauth and used cuss words to few people and that is why he earned more enemies than friends. It is also said by some quarters that he was not a fine PRO. But few of examples of such songs where a Classical singer like Pt. Bhimsen Joshi’s voice was needed for a character who loses the battle of song competition and taking such singer into confidence and making him sing for such character is itself an example of good PR and professional. He was such a musician, who never ever changed his decision on the choice of singer on the pressure of others, and he chose Manna Dey’s voice for most songs of this film. His dedication towards music and his work as well as his friendship was peerless. Here is a composition by SJ duo, who were in true sense the follower of Shailendraji’s one line in another film, “Nikal Pade Hain Khulli Sadak pe, Apna Seena Taane” with confidence and pride. My Salute to the genius.