Watch this song from the movie “Kathputli”. It is a very beautiful song (Again not the popular one), definitely inspired by “Qui Sera Sera” from the movie “The Man who knew Too Much”. The English Movie was released in 1956. The Hindi movie released in 1957.
I first heard this on a casette player and was wondering why would a composer put such cacophonic notes for M1/M2 sudden change in the mood..I was anxious to see..Riddle solved when I saw the song on you tube..
Points to note in this song:
– Although the over all music seems to be inspired from else where as stated above, the orchestration for M1 and M2 is fantastic.
– The rythm completely changes and so does the Key. Basically to represent the fact that the man in the song is getting attracted to vices. The first time he goes to a bar and the second time he goes to a Gambling Arena
– Also watch Jalal Aga who is such a fine actor and dances with such a finesse in this song..he comes out to be absolutely natural and gels extremely well with Vijayanti Mala.
– The use of Trumpets so apt to stress the subject…
-Also note the Jal tarang (the ting sound…)
Similar concept is being used in the film Poonam ki Raat music composed by Salil Choudhary (film released in 1965)..the striking fact is the first few notes of the M1 are exactly same as that of Mini Mini Chi could be a pure coincidence OR it could have been Mr. Sebastian Disouza the great arranger….and very common factor!!! .but its interesting to note this… both the songs…

By :

Shri Amit Vaidya - writer of this insight