6 thoughts on “Rarest of Rare photo of Jaikishan with Sheila Vaaj in film Begunah

  1. Sudarshan Bhai,

    Hamare priya aur sudarshan sangeetkar ka yeh nirala photo post karke aapne kamaal kar dikhaya. Bhagwan chaha to hum jaldi hi yeh tasveer bhi dekh payenge.
    Bahut shukriya, badi meherbani.
    Indrajit Banerji.


    1. Dada, it is really great when such gem is unearthed suddenly of which we never ever had imagined……..Thanks for visiting the blog……



    1. It is always a fortunate happening when any SJ fans write to us. Really Mr. Rajesh Singh has unearthed a precious photo which none of us could have ever imagined, however, I have also asked this question from him……he has not disclosed Sunil ji. As soon he gives us clue…….I will convey to all of the visitors here. Keep visiting the blog and if you are on facebook please give your url or send the url to me at shankerjai@yahoo.com

      Sudarshan Pandey/Kolkata


  2. The picture says -Courtsey Rajesh Kumar Singh.I just wanted to ask that has this picture been clicked by rajesh Kumar Siungh with his own camers? Or has Rajesh Kumar Singh ever met Jaikishan or Sheila Vaz ever in his life? How can he write “Courtsey Rajesh Kumar Singh” when he has not clicked this picture with his own camera?I think the original photographer and the producer should file a case against him for infringemenet of copyright.


    1. Dear Hemant bhai,
      Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh has no role in it. Just being moderator/creator of this blog, it was my duty to express my gratitude to him since I got this picture after he uploaded at some place. Sorry, if I have hurt sentiment of the original photographer who took this snap………On the other side of this act is to invoke for an information for the actual photographer.



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