7 thoughts on “A rare photo — Down Memory Lane

  1. The photograph brought tears to my eyes thought I have not seen them alive.
    But seen him in the Naval Star Programe and You Tube many Slides. Still I have in( SRILANKA) The Indian news paper “SCREEN ” Published his funeral photographs.


    1. Thanks a lot Sunil ji for visiting the blog and posting your comments. Yes till date we are missing both of SJ. If you want to share matters and Photographs published in Screen, Please scan them and sent to me which I will publish on this blog as well as other blogs of mine on the Great duo SJ. You can s end your stuff to shankerjai@yahoo.com
      Sudarshan Pandey


  2. I have read many comments of this page. In all the comments critisizing RK and Lata. No talks on SJ’s music. No talk about RK’s team work that how LM SJ SH Hasrat Mukesh were working together. We should thanks to RK that he has created such wonderful team who gave us such wonderful music and songs which will last for another 100 years or more.


    1. You have your own thought and you are free to share your views. what the readers felt they wrote. I can interfere only when there are factual faults. Do You thing that the Working as a team is only RK’s achievement ? SJ, SH had also their role and worked excessively, exclusively to satisfy RK. The creation of team goes to inspiration by the great Papa Prithviraj Kapoor, who had suggested Shanker’s name to RK.
      At first please read the real history and then comment please.



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