Its been 23 years since the world became irreparably poor. Did Shankar have any equals at all? He lived his music and we loved his music and today and for years to come he will live thro his music and the world will love his music. Shankar is immortal!

I quote a very dear song of mine composed by Shankar (1979, Film Atmaram, Definitely one of the best of Kishore)the words of which are so true to what he had to go through:

Chalte chalte in raahon par
aisa bhi kuch ho jata hai
Koi anchaha mil jata hai (the film industry post 1971)
Aur manchaha kho jaata hai (His soulmates Shailendra and Jaikishan).

The film industry can never be forgiven for what it did to Shankar after 1971. It deprived us of so many more gems that the genius of Shankar could have gifted us.

Long live Shankar and the music of Shankar Jaikishan!

Shashi Hegde <>