36th episode



 TIME is like a river water which flows forward bur never comes back….but in our memories’s river, there are the enchanting remembrances of 50s,60s,70s when and till now we hum the indispensable musical scores created by the great brains of the S-J duo, and they come back again and again as though the duo are telling us that physically they are not with us but their immortal scores will reside in our souls….and as is said in Geeta that the soul never dies and the duo mingled with our souls to tell the story of their successful years when they reigned the film industry in their heydays and till date we are stuck to their songs.. we are obliged to radios, which daily play their songs in one programme or the other…….. AND reverred Hasrat Jaipuri continues that it was the contrast in their temperaments which bound the two and they had respect for each other as the two brothers have, which was evident in their compositions, and till date, when many things are revealed, still it is difficultto find out who tuned which song, such was the similarity in their temperaments to have different orchestration, but the tunes somewhere echoed Shankar and Jaikishan together which the then music directors too agreed and had respect for each other….. HASRAT continues that when Raj saab was going to London to process ”Sangam”, he wanted to take all of us, but we just cud not think of going because of work pressure. Thereupon, JAI asked Shankar and all of us to go with Raj saab assuring that he wud hold the fort here. NEXT time came whan Ramanand Sagar wanted to take us to Paris for his film, Shankar said that u people go with Sagar, and i will manage here. and even in later years when their individual reputation came under doubts, there was a lot of give and take. On Shankar, Hasrat goes on that he was the fastest composer of our time. He cud compose a beautiful tune in a matter of minutes. He was a spontaneous composer to whom tunes came in a torrent…..both lived for music….and if there was one Jaikishan so there was one Shankar and both were like two knots of a musical rope……..to continue……… 

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