It was Barsaat who took Lata to dizzy heights



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S-J ke liye kuchh arz karna chaahta hoon….





“Teri zindagi mohabbat, tera naam hai deewana

                   Tere baad bhi karega, tera zikr ye zamaana

Tu wo zindagi nahin hai jise maut khatm ker de

                   Jise bhool jaaye duniya, tu nahin wo tarana.”








We all are die-hard fans of Shankar-Jaikishan because we all know in our hearts that they were the best………there is no doubt it….. just listen to their melodies….only after their arrival, for the first time film industry realized that film-music can be a parallel industry. Purists like Raju Bhartan have always scoffed at their music, dismissing it off as too popular or pedestrian but for us S-J and film-music is synonymous. Not only Raju Bhartan but Lata and Aasha have also started campaigning against S—J and OP. Nayyar respectively to promote Madan Bhayya , Hridaynath and RDB as if no music-director existed on this earth. There is a huge racket operating in the film industry to discredit S-J and their achievements. But genuine listeners are not fools. It was Barsaat who took Lata to dizzy heights. Followed Awaara, Shree 420, Aah, Patita and many other S-J marvels. From `Jiya Beqarar hai to `O Bananti Pawan Pagal‘, Lata couldn’t have done better.

Lata,in all her concerts, interviews, interfaces, she would never refer to Shankar-Jaikishan as if S-J would need the promotion from an ungrateful wench……she saw to it that no credit ever went to S-J. These are great artists with small hearts. But to be a complete artist, you have to be a good human being as well.

I believe that from hindi film music melody went out with the the 60’s. What I have seen is a slow corrosion of `theka’, `taal’ and `sur’ which began in 70’s…now music is only jarring to the ears and nothing else.

There could not be no other like S-J



OP Nayyar always maintained a dignified silence and never run down his rivals. Very recently an ape called himesh reshamiya said that Mukesh had a nasal voice. OPN never succumbed to such cheap remarks though he could have spilled the beans on asha in a most uncharitable manner. lata also tried to run down ‘main ka karoon ram’ after the record sold like hot cakes and she got a fat sum in royalty. Then she fought with Raj Kapoor, Shankar and then Md. Rafi because none of them pandered to the queen bee like attitude of hers. Even today she tries to act and behave like Queen Victoria.

Injustice to S-J would not be tolerated anymore. Aap is muhim mein akele nahin hai…..hum saare log aapke sath hain



 aur agar ‘Majhrooh‘ ke shabdon mein kahoon…..

Main akela hi chala tha janibe-manzil


Log milte gaye aur carvan banta gaya.


(courtesy : Shankarjaikishan Group on Yahoo)